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Memory Card Recovery

The memory card is a fantastic invention and has made storage and the...

Mobile Data Recovery

We recover your contact, photos, messages, Audio, Video or any other...

Pen Drive Data Recovery

Our engineers can recover data from USB and flash media failures as well as...

Camera Recovery

Restores recovered data to CD/DVD. Ability to preview files before recovery

Hard Drive Recovery

Hard Drives don’t last forever and have surprising failure rates. They are mechanical...

CD / Dvd Recovery

CD/DVD Recovery module is the most easy-to-use CD/DVD data recovery tool that you could find...

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We are in the data recovery industry since the past 22 years successfully operating from all over Mumbai, India. We use the latest technologies and equipments to solve your computer related problems. Along with a highly qualified staff we make your problem into — ours!!

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Welcome to Data Recovery

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  • 1999
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    Data Recovery Mumbai implements today’s most advanced technologies in its comprehensive data recovery solutions dealing with a wide range of media, formats and file types.

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    Data Migration is the transfer/translation of data from one storage type / format /device into another storage type / format / device.

  • 2003
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    DATA RECOVERY does Tape data recovery successfully and copying of data from a tape cartridge that has been damaged due to any of the.

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    Hitachi is dedicated to provide wide range of hard disk drive solutions to satisfy all of today’s demanding computing needs.

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Data recovery is the process of restoring data that has been lost, accidentally deleted, corrupted or made inaccessible. In data recovery typically refers to the restoration of data to a Desktop, Laptop, Tape Data Recovery, Mobile Device Recovery Services, PDA Data Recovery Services, Memory Card Data Recovery, Removable Media CD / DVD Data Recovery, Nas Data Recovery, Novell Data Recovery, server or external storage system from a backup.

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Data Loss FAQ.


1. What is the data recovery process all about?

Data recovery process revolves around the processes utilized for recovering lost files or data through multiple sources such as floppy diskette, hard drives or tapes. This process is performed by professional and trained data recovery specialists, especially after one fails to recover the data using commercialized software.

2. What are the causes behind loss of data?

3. Is our data secure?

Your data will remain secure only if you are willing enough to protect it. Data loss from hard disk drives can be prevented by following appropriate data safeguarding methods and techniques. The best way to secure data is to create backup for the same as it enables you to access your data when your hard disk drive fails. Aside to this, encrypting the data allows you to highly secure your data and further allowing only those people to access the same who have the appropriate permission for accessing the concerned data.


What Customers Said

To service the hardware for data recovery i have contacted drm on a correct rate and i got a very best service now my computer is at good working condition.

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To get my data from Laptop Repair Mumbai approached me. they did a very good servicing of the laptop. & got data back its working just fine. the rates were reasonable and the work was professional.

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MS Dinaz

To service my laptop and recover data,Laptop Repair Mumbai approached me. they did a very good servicing of the laptop&recovered data, its working just fine. the rates were reasonable and the work was professional.

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Vijay Goel

Laptop Repair Mumbai was indeed a great one showing their professionalism and experience in the field the charges too was reasonable and the work was done as per our requirement.

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