Regularly Reported Camera Memory Card Faults:

The memory card is a fantastic invention and has made storage and the transportation of information much easier than ever before. For those of us who aren’t 100% convinced about the reliability of email then using a memory card is a good way to transport your data from one place to another. But with this ability to move your data easily comes a trade off and that trade off is that the technology can sometimes be damaged in transit. Memory cards are ultra-slim flash memory chips contained within an equally thin housing and as such they can be bent, snapped, broken in two or have their pins damaged whilst in their owner’s pockets, laptop case or camera case. The oxide layer that passes the information through floating gates inside can also degrade if the device is exposed to conditions the manufacturer would not normally recommend.

Camera Memory Card Physical Failings:

The physical failure of a memory card can be the result of damage caused in transit but it can also be caused by the sudden introduction of too much electricity. Inserting your memory card into a device that suffers a power surge can render the physical aspects of the card useless as they can literally burn because of the slightness of their design. If you have transported your memory card from one location to another and it has stopped working or have left it in a device that has suffered a fault itself then contact us at to find out how we can help you recover your data. We have access to the latest chip reading software that can recover your data without corrupting it.

Memory Card Damage

Static electricity can cause your memory card to become unreadable to your camera and computer. Usually your camera will not recognise your card, and your computer will prompt you to format your memory card when you insert it into your card reader.

Physical damage can, of course, prevent you from reading your memory card, sometimes this damage is too severe to recover any photos, but until we receive your memory card, we cannot assess its potential for photo recovery (remember - if we don't recover any photos, there is no charge).

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